Tuesday, February 28, 2017


I got my new scale... I am 131. With a bmi of 24.1, just inside of healthy. Gross. Fat percent was way higher than i expected... I cant remember the number tho. Just did a bmr calculator, and i really have a bmr of only 1300. That means i have to eat 800 or less just to lose 1 lb per week. Oh well... Thats reality. Now i know why i only lose weight if i super restrict.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Trying something to keep me accountable

I've been running. I've been working out. But I have not been watching my diet. And it is causing some serious problems. I feel like I'm gaining weight, and fast. I'm not sure why. But there it is.

So I ordered a scale. One that connects to my phone app and tracks not just weight but also body fat and water and bone and muscle. I'm hoping to see some changes, but I know I only will if I keep better control of the diet part.

Thus my plan...
I'm going to take pictures of every thing I eat. Like everything. I can't eat it unless I take a picture.
I know that sounds ridiculous, but i figure I will actually stop  eating some of the junk if I have to take a picture of it. And if I do keep  eating, at least I will have a record of what I actually ate. That includes morning coffee, soda, everything. Anything that passes my lips except for water.

Plus I'm going to continue my couch to 10k running plan. I just finished week 1 today, and for some weird reason it actually hurt. It gets harder this week. I would normally do Monday, Wednesday, Friday... except last week I did Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday... So I have already done 2 days in a row and I know I was dragging today. I need a day off of the running apparently. So anyway, college spring break this week means I'm home by 4:30 most days. I'll do Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. Then next week I will be back on MWF. If I can keep up with this and only repeat weeks a couple of times I will be ready for my 10k in July. I'm kinda excited.

Anyway, so i'm going to see if I can figure how to post my pics here. Follow along and wish me luck!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Hello Again!

So I'm trying something new.

I have been trying to do things for myself. In fact, I made a huge set of changes at new years. And since it's now February 21, I'd say that any of those changes that is still going is likely a permanent change, right?

I quit smoking.
For real. For me.
I started drinking more water... and because of that I stopped drinking soda. That part was an accident, but it happened. It's good, water is cheaper!

I started exercising.
I want to run.
I want to run a 10k.
I've never been a runner in my life, but I'm trying. I'm not doing great, but it's better than I was.

And I got injured already. Suck. I have gone almost a week without exercise because of my stupid toe. But I realized I needed new running shoes (apparently you're supposed to go up at least 1/2 size? didn't know that)... Ordered them yesterday. They will take a week to come in. Right now my toe is wrapped. First it was an infection. Then where I had it wrapped turned into a blistered rash. Now I'm dealing with the rash, but at least the pain (which was ridiculously bad) is gone.

Anyway, I just downloaded an app on my phone for the couch to 10k. I'm excited to use it. But I probably shouldn't run until I get my new shoes. But I still need to go to the gym today while I can, I can do other exercise. weights. Those are good.

My weight... well, I don't want to talk about it. First I was OK, then I focused on the training more than the diet. Weight went up. Yes, I care... it's awful. I don't know what to do. What to focus on.

But really, I quit smoking! I never thought I could do that.