Monday, April 18, 2016

And it's time...

I did no carbs in the fall. It was great. I felt great, I changed everything, I was afraid of sugar and flour. I lost weight, pretty quickly too. 10 lbs in 2 months, if I remember. Maybe more than that.

Then I started trying to add carbs back in, slowly, to get myself back to normal.
At first I felt awful.
Then I gave myself permission to eat things like breadsticks. It was bad.

And now I'm back up.

But school is almost done. Only 2 more weeks of college classes.

And about 8 weeks left of high school.

I can lose a lot of weight in 8 weeks.

And I'm going to focus on myself for once. I'm doing to take the time to work out. I'm going to spend money to eat well.

goal: eat 500 calories. Exercise 500 calories. Net loss of 1500 per day. I should lose 3 lbs per week of actual weight.
Today I had coffee and 1 scoop of protein powder in my shake for lunch. just powder plus ice plus water.

Total of 210 calories.

Gotta have dinner with my mom, but it will be ok. I can tell her no carbs.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Welcome back?

It's been time...
Lots of time.
I am now working 3 jobs. Raising 3 sons half time with my ex. Taking a class at community college.
And gaining weight.

Life marches on.

But I will make the changes I need to make.

At one point during my divorce I was down to 111 lbs. People said I was skinny, but I felt great. I'm going to do that again. I have to get serious.

Part of the reason I've gained is my live-in boyfriend. He is fat. He eats a lot. We go out to eat a lot. He drinks a lot of beer.

And then yesterday he told me he wants to start eating salads for lunch...

OK. I had planned on starting April 1. I told him that. I haven't stepped on the scale in months. But I will on April 1.

Goal is 111 by the end of the school year. That's about 3 months. 20ish lbs in 3 months. Totally doable. Especially since I will be down to only 2 jobs by the end of April so I can go to the gym.

Goal is 105 by August 1. That's when I go to Disney with the family. Gonna be wearing lots of swimsuits.

Method: No Carb. This works for me, at least to drop the first 10. After I'm below 120 I'm going to have to drop other stuff. But I'm starting with no carb. Plus I feel better when I do it.

Anyway, so I'm back. Yay!