All About ME!

Well, I live in a veil of secrecy. I'm old enough and educated enough to know that I'm flirting with danger by focusing this much on my weight and calories, but I also know what I want. I've always wanted this, I've just never had the self control to get there. Now, at 30 years old, I finally have the patience and drive and power to control myself, to earn what I want.

I am in the minority. I have a husband, DH. I have kids, C, M and L. I have the worst stretch marks and the most horrible belly pooch anyone's ever seen. Children will do that. I also have a full time professional job that keeps me busy during the day and sometimes night.

I am that middle class woman who wants perfection. No, I don't spend hours on my hair and makeup... I want to be able to jump out of bed and go, because thin people are forgiven for bad hair and little makeup.

Maybe if I ever get anywhere near my goals I'll take and post a pic, face blurred out of course. Maybe not. But I'm not there yet anyway. 110, that will earn a pic.

On the weight front: I was a cheerleader in high school. I was about 118 lbs, all muscle. But I always felt fat (I truly was, since I'm only 5'2" tall). In college I got up to 138. Gross. I got back down to 121 for my wedding after college, but then gained weight before I got pregnant back up to 135, then gained 50 lbs during my pregnancy. I delivered my first child at 185, my second at 174, and my third at 160. I got back down to 128 the natural way with running and exercise, but I want to be thin, not just "not fat".

Now that I'm where I am, I've noticed that people are mean. Why are people mean to anyone who's thinner than they are? Does anyone else notice this? I hate it.

Thanks for taking the time to read about me! Stay Strong!